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Housing donations

Who can Donate to a Charity?


Anyone can donate to a charity but people and organizations can also donate to a charity if they want to help a charity while also helping themselves.  Depending upon the situation a donor may be eligible for a deduction from the IRS.  Organizations and individuals with properties they no longer use, properties that are fully depreciated or properties that have endured uninsured catastrophes.

What types of property can be donated?

  • Residential real estate unwanted
  • Property that is no longer wanted or needed
  • Farms
  • Industrial properties
  • All types of mortgages
  • Real estate subject to a Life Estate
  • Commercial properties
  • Warehouses
  • Vacant Land and lots
  • Resorts/hotels
  • Land contracts and contracts for Deed

The Real Estate Donation Process:

After contacting our organization a real estate professional from within our network will schedule an appointment to view the property.  Most types of properties are eligible for donations including residential, commercial buildings, industrial properties and vacant land. The initial inspection is carried out to determine a property’s value and condition both inside and out. Upon completion of the inspection our real estate professionals will decide to move forward with the donation process or they may deem that the property is unqualified for a donation.  Further inspections may be required on the premises after the initial inspection.

If you would like more information...